Antique & Christmas galore in Mequon sale!

14 November 2010

If you are a collector of antiques, you don’t want to miss this sale.  If you are a collector of antique & vintage Christmas items, you will hate yourself if you miss this sale! :)

This is house is absolutely packed with the old and interesting, something for many different tastes in antiques.  The Christmas collection is something to behold, featuring an extensive assortment of old German Santas, candy containers, Nativity pieces, papier mache items, and so much else it is hard to describe.  It really is a once-in-a-generation type collection to see all in one place.   Wherever you normally frequent estate sales, it is worth the drive to Mequon to see this one!

Vintage plastic models galore at our October Oak Creek sale!

10 October 2010

Models, models everywhere….of the buildable plastic variety.  We have over 500 vintage models from the 1950s-1970s at our Oak Creek sale 10/9 & 10/10.  Lots of airplanes and cars, all unbuilt in their boxes.  The gentleman who collected them was a director of a chapter of the International Plastic Modelers Society in the 1970s, so in addition to the models, there’s also a lot of club newsletters from that period, modeler’s magazines, convention info, a ton of model catalogs and other related things.

The collector was also an aircraft crew chief in WWII, so there are some vintage photo collections from that period, Army Air Force ephemera, a couple of fighter manuals, and also a lot of later Air Force Publications books on aircraft and a ton of books and magazines on aircraft in general.

Throughout the house we have huge amounts of interesting collectibles and antiques, vintage clothing, kitchenware, cookbooks and more.  It is a very packed house!

Two-sales-in-one in Rochester

15 September 2010

We lost our minds and scheduled a really fun sale for two houses at once in the little town of Rochester.   No really, it’s a very nice, quite large sale, with a little bit of everything.   The entire contents of both houses are up for sale Saturday, Sept 18th and Sunday, Sept 19th.  Our summer of fine maple furniture from the 40’s & 50’s continues….first we had a couple sales full of Willett, then Ethan Allen, and now Cushman.    Definitely a sale worth the trip to Rochester.

And speaking of Rochester, don’t miss the village’s Day in the Country celebration/festival this weekend.  It runs Saturday from 9-4.   It’s a great time in a little town.  Two words sum it up: pie auction…..and lots more.  See the links below for more details.

Village of Rochester Day in the Country flier

Racine Journal Times event listing

Willett furniture at our upcoming Racine sale

16 June 2010

We have quite a bit of Willett Furniture at our sale June 25 & 26 in Racine.  Willett was a Louisville, Ky company that operated 1934-1962.  I have never really seen more than a piece or so at a time, but when you are surrounded by it, it is hard not to notice it.  It is definitely some of the highest quality vintage 1940s & 50s maple furniture you can find.  Always thought it was equivalent to, say, Cushman, but it is far nicer.  Gorgeous, subtle hand-rubbed finishes as smooth as can be.   If you are a fan or collector of Willett, don’t miss this sale!

Union Grove sale

9 June 2010

We finished up a successful sale this past weekend in Union Grove (June 5th & 6th).  Thanks to all our great customers!  This was our first sale in The Grove and we could not have asked for a better turnout and outcome.

Welcome to our new blog!

9 June 2010

Welcome to the As Time Goes By estate sale blog!  We will use this forum to occasionally give a little more info our upcoming sales and who knows what else.  Feel free to join in!